Sukkur Beverages was incorporated in September 1974 as a private limited company and the prime introducer of carbonated soft drinks in the Interior Sindh Region and Bordering South region of Punjab. Initially, it was a bottling plant of Coke, however, converted to Pepsi in 1983 and since then has been a devoted ally in the mutual growth and achievement of the potential of the carbonated soft drinks market in the region. Franchise area is a predominantly rural area with agro-based economy along with Mega Industries. Sukkur City is touched by 3 Highways and is the gateway to Baluchistan and franchise area encompasses a population of around 20 million with annual per capita consumption of CSD being 43 (8 Oz) with huge potential of future growth.


Even though the interior Sindh is tribal area and has a challenging environment in terms of law and order, infrastructure and political and economic scenarios, but still, Sukkur Beverages (Pvt.) Limited successfully and consistently ensured through strong family influence, roadblock bottling and supply chain of the Pepsi brand with the established history of continuous growth of 20% in terms of sales volumes for 4 years from 2010 to 2013. In this whole process, Sukkur Beverages didn't miss out on any advancement, be it technological or social, and ensured not on the market share and product availability but ensure the superiority of the brand and developing the brand equity in Interior Sindh and ensuring cooler integrity along with it and winning an award for it.


Sukkur Beverages is currently employing over 500 skilled and semi-skilled manpower. SBL is lead by a team of able professionals who perform their work beyond the call off duty and ensure timely completion of the objectives given to them. The success of SBL's operations and the growth of the company would not be possible if it was not for the dedication and commitment of the entire team of SBL. SBL takes pride in inculcating a professional culture that is ethical and moral. The environment nurtures team spirit and is contingent upon rewarding performance in the workplace. We encourage collaboration among people of different talents and experience to achieve company goals. We believe in continuous development and training of our people in supporting one another to ensure excellence in whatever we do.


In 2016 SBL is well set to embark on the new landmarks. SBL holds the honour of having the larger market share (74%) in Pakistan within the Franchise Region. As per the previous year rankings, SBL is well placed to win the PepsiCo Sustainable Blue Green Award and Food Safety Silver Award. Every year production capacity is being enhanced and infrastructure is being improved with unprecedented investments. To meet the market demand and enhance efficiency in the system SBL is investing USD 14MM during 2016. This investment includes but not limited to the following areas of the business:

  • High Speed Line from Krones
  • Blow Mold (Capacity)
  • Investment in Infrastructure
  • Investment in capability initiatives

Numerous technical and capability initiatives including the development of human resources, to meet the business challenges, are in pipeline. The leadership of SBL is committed to making SBL one of the best plants in Pakistan.


The company has capitalized on all avenues from production, quality management to sales. Company has won many quality and sales awards and has been recognized at the international level by PepsiCo. Recent achievements include the following awards:

  • Sustainable Blue Green Award (2010, 2011, 2012 & 2014)
  • 3-D Quality Award (First Position in 2010 & 2011)
  • HMS – Heavy Metal Sweep Award (2010)
  • American Institute of Bakers (AIBI) Superior Plant Award (2014)
  • Food Safety Gold Award (2014)
  • Critical Packaging Defect Control & Gen2Green Award (2014)


  • As Blue Color represents the loyalty, trust, reliability and responsibility. Having the larger market share of 74% in Pakistan within the Franchise Region, endorse the selection of Blue as a first colour in our Logo.
  • The selection of White Color indemnifies our business style of keep things pure, self-sufficient, immaculate and pristine. This indeed enables us to develop and maintain the trust relationship among our large network of distributors and dealers.
  • The impact of using Red Color in our logo clearly reflects the working style of SBL's team of professionals who never looks back in delivering best services to its customers and puts full power and energy in providing speedy distribution of products.


To Be The Best Beverages Producing Facility In Pakistan



We trust individuals are mindful and reliable. Along these lines, we endeavour to make a domain where individuals have the opportunity to truly express their thoughts and feelings.


We believe that viable correspondence and coordinated effort are inconceivable without regard. We endeavour to abstain from displaying consciences, playing political recreations, and showing manipulative conduct.


Our passion is our identity We care about our people, products and customers and are building an organization that rouses individuals to do incredible things together. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG...